Aerial LiDAR Data Collection

CrossFlight Sky Solutions offers competitive pricing on a wide array of aerial LiDAR data collection products. Aerial LiDAR is the latest in large area data collection and can offer significant time savings over traditional location, volumetric and topographic data collection for use by licensed professionals. 

Reduce on site time
Streamlined workflow
And More!

Construction Progress Monitoring

Documenting your site's progress over a period of time is a low cost, critical tool to effectively manage projects, validate reports from the field, and provide investors and stakeholders with tangible, readily accessible information. Take a look at all we can do and let's begin a conversation. 

Full Site Documentation
Video Logs
Panoramic Photos
And More

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Aerial Image Capture and 3D Modeling

CrossFlight is able to provide precise aerial data collection for use by licensed professionals. 

GPS Site Documentation
Pit and Pile Documentation
3D Modeling of Structures and Terrain  
And More

Tower Inspections

Full tower inspections are possible without a man ever lifting off the ground! CrossFlight is able to provide highly detailed inspection services so you know what maintenance needs to be performed before a technician goes up the tower, saving you time and money. High detail photos, video logs, 3D modeling and thermal imaging are available for your inspection.

Full Tower Documentation
2D Imaging and 3D Modeling
Thermal Imaging
Video Logs
High Detailed Imagery of Problem Areas
And More

DOT Compliant Documentation

We are able to provide aerial data for use by licensed professionals for Department of Transportation projects. This is to provide DOT compliant documentation of the site and also monitor the project through its various phases. You can save up to 80% of on-site time for project documentation reducing liability and risk.

Imagery of Roadway
Omnidirectional Video Capture
Project Updates
Interactive Imagery and Cloud Deliverables
And More

Photo and Video Marketing Solutions

Need a different perspective on your marketing for your business or product? We can show it off from the air! CrossFlight can provide you with professionally finished marketing materials that will elevate your sales.

Professionally Edited and Produced Video Spots
UHD Aerial Video/Imagery
Interactive Imagery and Cloud Deliverables
And More

Golf Course Documentation

Fully document your golf course today! CrossFlight provides detailed 2D mapping and 3D modeling of your entire course. This map provides accurate measurements, area calculations, plant health evaluation, and much more.

2D Imagery and 3D Modeling of Structures and Course
Plant Health Evaluation 
Interactive Imagery with Marking of Important Locations
Aerial Photo and Video of Clubhouse and Facilities
And More

HOA and Property Owner Documentation

Not having aerial property documentation before a storm hits may be the deciding factor in your insurance claim! Let us show you how we can help, whether it is quarterly or annually, we can make sure that when disaster strikes you are prepared for insurance claims and assessing the damage done to your property.

2D Imagery of Property and 3D Modeling of Structures
Marking and Measurement of Areas 
Aerial Photography and Video of Your Property
Interactive Map with Marking of Important Locations
Documentation of Property
And More

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