Construction Progress Monitoring

& Aerial Documentation

CrossFlight Sky Solutions is able to provide high precision mapping and high precision imagery of construction projects. This imagery can serve as progress monitoring and reporting to investors, general contractors, owners while retrieving precise measurements of buildings and property.

Photomosaic Mapping

Our most popular and useful product, photomosaic mapping can be used to accurately map the entirety of a jobsite. This can be repeated as often as needed to report on the progress of a project.

Click on the image or here to view the interactive site map.

Mapping Comparison

The photomosaic maps that are created can be compared next to each other. This can function as a way of directly comparing the different maps that are taken and view site progress each time a new map is produced.

Use the slider in the middle of the window to change between the two different maps and your mouse and scroll wheel to zoom and move around the image.

GPS Marked Panoramic Images

All of our imagery is marked using GPS locations to allow for repeatable images and video in the same location. Our panoramic images can be taken from a variety of locations and elevations to show specific areas and features of your project.

Use your mouse to move around the panorama and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Overlay CAD Drawings & Ground Control Points

Our maps can be overlayed with CAD drawings to compare the plans of a construction project to the work being done on site. These maps are made extremely accurate by the use of ground control points. Ground control points are GPS locations that are marked by our surveying company partners and then imported into our mapping software, making the map that much more accurate.

Photo & Video Plans

As mentioned previously, all of our visual data is GPS marked for the purpose of accuracy of measurements but also so that data can be repeatedly gathered from the same location. We can set up a photo and video plan that can be repeated reliably so you can better monitor your construction projects.

Pit & Pile Calculations And 3D Modeling

Using the photos and coordinates taken from the map data we can extrapolate a 3D point cloud from pits and piles to calculate accurate volumes and acreage. Additionally these point clouds can be exported to create a 3D model of a structure or mass.

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