CrossFlight assists Wetlands Studies with FAR 107 Waiver in Dulles Airspace!

CrossFlight Sky Solutions successfully completed and received approval from the FAA on an FAR 107 airspace waiver in one of the busiest and strictest airspaces in the country, Washington Dulles Intl. (Class B airspace, depicted below). We are very excited about our partnership with Wetland Studies and supporting their drone division.  Below is a picture of a Wetlands Studies Engineer flying his DJI drone in Class B Airspace.  Operations in Class B Airspace are very restrictive. The FAA ensures that all FAR 107 waivers are safe and will not affect manned aircraft operations.

Washington Dulles (IAD) International Airport Class B Airspace

IAD Waiver.jpg

Wetlands Flying a mission in Dulles Airspace!

Wetlands Study Paul Scarowich.jpg

Crossflight is very excited about our partnership with Wetlands Studies in delivering drone-based solutions for their customers. 

So what's going on with drones in the Low Country?

So what's going on with drones in the Low Country?

By: Jerry Whittaker- CrossFlight Sky Solutions CEO

CrossFlight Sky Solutions is an innovative aviation company who is introducing drone based technology to the Low Country.  Opening in Jan 2017, CrossFlight has been working with the Bluffton SC based Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) in their business incubator program. 

"DRCI's CEO David Nelemns a seasoned commercial pilot and innovator immediately knew that this new company would be a great addition to their small business incubator program and a great partner company."

The overall purpose of CrossFlight is to provide aviation related technical jobs and innovative technology to the local communities. We are introducing new services and capabilities using drones that have only been available using commercial aircraft.  Our company model and corporate culture is different than most companies.  We are keenly focused on safety and are teamed with some amazing companies and partners including disabled Veterans, local businesses, schools, and Beaufort county.

Team picture with Inspire.jpg

The CrossFlight team of FAA certified pilots getting ready for a video shoot of Low Country Community Church.  Check our our website @ for more details.

Capabilities and Service Offerings:

Commercial Drone Services: Our team of FAA certified pilots take the risks out of drone based solutions for our clients. All of our pilots are FAA certified experts with drones and up to $10 million of insurance coverage for our clients. We are your own private Air Force!

Aerial Imaging- We take amazing aerial images and video of commercial and residential property for marketing and insurance purposes.  Construction progress reporting and documentation and 2D and 3D photogrammetry data for analysis and Civil Engineering applications.

Surveying Support- We provide aerial images for surveyors for commercial buildings, construction projects, as-built surveys, and cad drawings. Survey grade volumes of pits piles and land development projects. Saving time and money for clients.

Consulting Support- We provide support for companies that are considering using drones in their operations, including local and federal government, Civil Engineering, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Surveyors, Insurance Companies, etc.

UAS Training- We provide training courses for drone pilots who want to learn more about drones and gaining FAA certifications.  We also provide "Drone Day" training for local students and individuals who want to learn more about drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Aviation careers.

Tower Inspections- Our teams of FAA certified pilots provide detailed inspections of cell towers, water towers, and other high rise structures reducing the risk to personnel who service towers.

Tower Inspection

Why Bluffton Hilton Head?

The Bluffton and Hilton Head area is uniquely situated between Savannah, Beaufort and Charleston SC. Savannah is home to Gulfstream Aviation Company, Beaufort is home to Marine Corp Air Station and Charleston is home to Boeing Commercial Aircraft Inc. This is one of the most beautiful locations in the country and is a evolving leader in aviation science and industries.

The opportunities for Aerospace Sciences and Aviation in the Low Country are endless. The future of Beaufort Country is to be a leader in aviation supporting businesses, education and training, and technology innovation companies. CrossFlight is leading the way to providing new technology and innovations in robotics and drone-based solutions for industry and government clients.  We are developing aviation programs with local schools and the community.  

We are really excited to have the community embrace our services and support our growing business in the Low Country.   Please call us for an inspection or visit our website @ or call 888-912-Drones (3766) for more information.



Drones Continue to Assist Disaster Relief Areas after Hurricane Irma

Drones Continue to Assist Disaster Relief Areas after Hurricane Irma

Blog written by: Justin Clemmer, CrossFlight Pilot

Hurricane Irma brought widespread devastation to the state of Florida. Homes, businesses, roadways, and industries all across the state were impacted by the storm’s intense winds and floodwaters. In the wake of Irma, a fairly new kind of technology is being used in the relief and recovery efforts – drones. Drones are capable of producing high-quality aerial videos and pictures that are highly beneficial in operations such as search and rescue, powerline inspection, and building documentation.

Cell Tower Inspection by commercial drones

Cell Tower Inspection by commercial drones

When a wide variety of agencies sought authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones in the affected areas, the FAA responded quickly, issuing a total of 132 airspace authorizations as of today to ensure safety in drone operation.

Irma Images IMG_4586.JPG

The Air National Guard as well as the private sector has been using drones to perform area surveys, assess disaster-stricken areas, and conduct inspections. Drones have been used by Florida Power and Light to play a significant role in helping to restore electricity for its 4.4 million customers, surveying parts of the state still not accessible by vehicles.

Irma Images IMG_4587.JPG

The stellar cooperation by local, state, and federal authorities has been cited by FPL, and this is only the beginning. In a speech given at the InterDrone conference last week, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta summed up the importance of drone operations to Irma and Harvey recovery operations saying,

“Essentially, every drone that flew meant that a traditional aircraft was not putting an additional strain on an already fragile system. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the hurricane response will be looked back upon as a landmark in the evolution of drone usage in this country.”

The use of drones will continue to provide much needed assistance in future disaster relief and recovery efforts. As the FAA continues to monitor the advancement of this growing drone industry, companies like CrossFlight Sky Solutions will continue to be on the cutting edge of this quickly advancing technology.

Hurricane relief and using drones for recovery efforts- they are hard to beat!

Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida and parts of Georgia this past few days. This resulted in power outages for millions of Americans and cell phone towers out of service, flooding, and massive damage to low lying areas as well as downed trees and power lines.  This resulted in lost lives and flooding of may low lying areas of Florida, Gulf coast, and South Carolina.

CrossFlight is partnered with other companies to provide experienced FAA certified drone pilots who are responding to disasters in the US.  Some of our pilots are in the disaster area working to restore power and cell phone towers to normal operations.  We provide aerial images and data for our customers to save time and money.

Drones are used for restoration of power, identifying downed power lines, inspecting property and equipment, and surveying the damaged areas from the air. Using drones we can take video images that help power line crews prioritize their work and improve safety of crews.

The key to any disaster is rapid response and recovery so people can begin to recover from the effects of a storm or natural disaster. Drones can be used to locate people who are stranded in their homes, insurance estimates of damages, video for news agencies and businesses, and insurance adjusters, and FEMA disaster relief teams.  CrossFlight's pilots are ready to respond on the ground in Florida and Georgia and South Carolina. 

Hurricane Irma Photo-  Damages in Coastal Areas and Jacksonville Florida Flooding

15 ft. storm surge damages all along the coastal regions

15 ft. storm surge damages all along the coastal regions


Florida Keys flooding and wind damages Photo

Drone images Irma 1.jpg

The CrossFlight team has deployed FAA certified UAS pilots who are responding to the call for Hurricane Irma.  We are honored to provide safe and efficient drone operations for disaster recovery efforts. Drones are changing the way we respond to Hurricanes and natural disasters. 



CrossFlight is bringing Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS) or Drone Technology Solutions to the Low Country


CrossFlight is bringing Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS) or Drone Technology Solutions to the Low Country

What does CrossFlight Sky Solutions do?

CrossFlight Sky Solutions is a commercial drone services company located in Bluffton SC.  We deliver high quality aerial images for businesses and government organizations. One of our products is Photogrammetry support, here is a brief description: 

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs. The input to photogrammetry is photographs, and the output is typically a map, a drawing, a measurement, or a 3D model of some real-world object or scene. Many of the maps we use today are created with from aircraft.   In Aerial Photogrammetry, the camera is mounted in an aircraft and is usually pointed vertically towards the ground. Multiple overlapping photos of the ground are taken as the aircraft flies along a flight path. The aircraft traditionally have been fixed wing manned craft but many projects now are done with drones or UAV's.  To learn more....please go to our website @

Example Job Site- Construction Site

Picture of a Construction site in Bluffton SC.  Volumetric measurements of the piles of materials is available in minutes using our software. We can provide precise volumes for contractors or site managers. 

Picture of a Construction site in Bluffton SC.  Volumetric measurements of the piles of materials is available in minutes using our software. We can provide precise volumes for contractors or site managers

This type of data is readily available using drones for progress reporting, inventory management for site supervisors or managers. We offer subscription services for site reporting with progress from start to final completion of the projects. Call 888-912-Drones (3766) for more information on our services.