DOT Compliant Documentation

Crossflight Sky Solutions is able to provide high precision mapping and imagery of roadway projects. This imagery can serve as DOT progress monitoring images.

Photomosaic Mapping

Our most popular and useful product, photomosaic mapping can be used to accurately map the entirety of a jobsite. This can be repeated as often as needed to report on the progress of a project.

Below is a small sample of how our maps can show very accurate roadway surfaces.

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GPS Marked Panoramic Images

All of our imagery is marked using GPS locations to allow for repeatable images and video in the same spot. Our panoramic images can be taken from a variety of locations and elevations to show road surface state, material locations, signage locations, and other noteworthy locations.

Identification of POIs & Hazards

Alongside the GPS marking of images, hazards, signage, and other points of interest can be marked for later review. This can prevent accidents and insure that signage remains in the proper location throughout the entirety of the project.

Video Overview & Video Plan

Mile Marker 158 on I-16

Ultra High Definition video can be taken along the roadway at multiple angles and synced so that you can document the condition of the roadway and identify hazards or defects.

Video and Panoramic Photographs can be complied and labeled as needed based on contract.  Recommend that these be done at a minimum of every half mile and additional as needed at points of interest such as interchanges.

Front View

Rear View

Left View

Right View


GPS marked photos can be taken at different angles and elevations to detail different perspectives of the worksite.

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