Personal Property and HOA/Community Inspection

Document Your Property Before The Storm Hits

CrossFlight provides you with highly detailed documentation of your entire HOA or personal property.

Pre and Post Hurricane Inspection

Document Your Property Before a Natural Disaster

When hurricane season is in full swing, in addition to traditional insurance, have you thought about other ways to make sure your investments are protected?  You've invested so much in your community and personal property isn’t it worth just a few dollars to have it all documented in one place. Not having aerial property documentation before a storm hits may be the deciding factor in your insurance claim. We can help! Whether it is quarterly or annually, we can make sure that when disaster strikes you are prepared.

Our maps document your entire property with accuracy and detail. Property measurements (i.e. areas, lengths, volumes, etc) are provided from the map using GPS marked locations.

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Photo Plan of Property Corners

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Full Property Documentation

  • Web/Cloud-based storage and downloadable access from anywhere
  • Keep up with on-site changes overtime
  • High definition maps, videos, and/or panoramic photography
  • Save time in case of an incident
  • Get side by side data fast to evaluate damage and needs
  • Capability of CAD support for survey with accurate measurements
  • Overlay CAD drawings to verify locations
  • Guaranteed documentation (photos, videos, maps, etc) after storm, based on reentry and flight restrictions
  • Repeatable results
  • And much more…

Exclusive offer for HOAs/POAs and Homeowners.

Hurricanes are a yearly threat!

Not having  aerial property documentation before a storm hits may be the deciding factor in your insurance claim!

  • HOA members receive reduced subscription rates based on HOA participation
  • 24/7 web-based access to neighborhood map
  • Map and individual property photos.
  • All common areas such as pools, recreation centers, and administration buildings included.
  • CAD Overlay on Maps

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