The FAA’s National Drone Safety Week is fast approaching as is 2020! This event will take place from November 4-10, the FAA has really focused their interest on how people view drone safety and the operation of sUAS in national airspace, whether for either  recreational or commercial use. 

At CrossFlight Sky Solutions we are 100% in agreement and want to join the FAA in forwarding drone safety in the national airspace. Whether you are a commercial or recreational operator your flights are subject to FAA regulations. Each day of the National Drone Safety Week will have a separate theme. Look for more from CrossFlight and the FAA in the coming days to get you thinking about your part in drone safety. 

Here’s are the FAA”s themes for the week: 

  • Monday: Public Safety and Security
    • Highlight how public safety agencies are using drones to make our communities safer.
    • Emphasize how drones save lives.
  • Tuesday: Business – Photography, Real Estate, Insurance
    • Highlight how drone photography is helping small business owners, like photographers and real estate agents.
    • Highlight how drones are helping the insurance industry assess damage.
  • Wednesday: Business – Infrastructure and Agriculture
    • Drones are helping inspect infrastructure, like railway tracks, power lines, and pipelines.
    • Drones remove the human risk in hazardous jobs. Drones are helping monitor and track agriculture.
  • Thursday: Business – Commercial and Medical Package Delivery
    • The next package you receive may come via drone!
    • Highlight current partnerships the FAA has with organizations or industry to tackle numerous operational concepts.
  • Friday: Education and STEM Focus on educational events and inspiring students to study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
  • Saturday and Sunday: Recreational Flyers
    • Drones can be used for fun, too! Highlight model aircraft and community-based organizations.
    • Share recreational best practices.

These individual themed days allow for separation of commercial and recreational flight operations making sure that no industry or individual is left out of the conversation. This week is a great time for all of us in aviation to connect, share experiences, and talk about the future of sUAS in the national airspace. Got ideas or want to join in the conversation? Reach out at or on our social media channels. Fly Safe!