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Our School Drone Checklist was compiled to help school districts start the implementation of a safety program that will promote safe and legal drone operations.


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For nearly three years CrossFlight Sky Solutions has been in the trenches pushing the limits of drone use, developing the nation's best curriculum, and working with over a dozen community colleges in the southeast United States.

We’ve learned A LOT and want to share with you how to easily increase your program safety, reduce liability, and offer you the first industry based nationally available industry STEM-based drone aviation curriculum. Begin by downloading our free school Drone Use Checklist below to evaluate your current district’s or school’s program.

Second, contact us for a free overview of our one-year curriculum that ties into most national STEM standards, while offering the possibility of internships, and leads to an FAA Certification as a licensed drone pilot.



  • As an STEM based engineering Instructor, I am always looking for ways to enhance opportunities for my students. I have sampled Crossflight’s drone essentials curriculum. Each module includes a clear lecture, an activity, and an assessment. Based on what I reviewed, it looks promising to keep students engaged while learning technical material. I look forward to offering this course at my career center in the near future. My Career center’s mission is “to prepare students for successful careers and post-secondary education through quality instruction” and this curriculum fits the bill. I believe an Intro to Drones class is beneficial for more than just students wanting to be pilots. This emerging technology promises to be a benefit and serve several industrials whether Real estate, Audio/Video, Criminal Justice, Firefighting, Marketing, and Engineering. Students with knowledge of this essential tool will have edge over other job candidates in their field of study.
    Name James Davis Anderson 1&2 Career and Technology Center


Created Around Industry Standards

Curriculum Highlights

  • Daily, detailed GANAG lesson planning guides
  • STEM based curriculum with cross curricular standards
  • Designed for student driven instruction and learning in robotics and aviation
  • Rubrics for easy and effective scoring and feedback to students
  • Updated as needed to follow FAA guidelines and law changes
  • Covers all FAA FAR Part 107 Standards
  • Exposure to and understanding of multiple aviation and other careers
  • And more...

We have put together what we believe to be the most comprehensive and complete course for high school or college students to not only prepare to become certified FAA Remote Drone Pilots, but also to safely operate equipment in this exciting new field. Through this student and FAA standards driven curriculum, students will be pushed to not only learn the unmanned air system rules and regulations, but also why many of them were implemented in regard to manned aviation. Students will be exposed to careers and implementations for drones in multiple growing industries and begin helping change the world through the safe and responsible use of drone technology. Please feel free to reach out to our team for samples and information about the full implementation opportunities available in the Fall of 2019.

Drones & Schools FAQ's

This checklist was compiled to help school districts start the implementation of a safety program that will promote safe and legal drone operations.

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  • Are all school district drones registered with the FAA?
  • Do teachers have flight binders for documentation of flights?
  • Do teachers and students use pre-flight checklist?
  • Can you regulate drones of school property?
  • Answers to these questions and more inside...

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