CrossFlight Pilot Certification & Enrollment

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CrossFlight Pilot Certification & Enrollment


CrossFlight Pilot Certification Program

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CrossFlight Pilot Certification Program

We are offering FAR 107 certified Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilots the opportunity to join a growing team of UAS professionals. We are building a regional network of pilots dedicated to providing high quality service and products to new and existing customers.  In teaming with Crossflight, you will be able to combine your current experience as a FAA certified UAS Pilot with Crossflights existing business model, its products, it’s training modules and our client base.

The benefits of working with a larger team of certified UAS pilots and video editing and marketing and back-end support will enable you to market and sell UAS services to a broad audience with the enhanced credibility of a larger company with a regional and national presence. To do this, we will provide standardized the training and support to brand you as a CrossFlight Pilot. This process entails filling out a Pilot’s Application, passing security and training requirements, and submitting a yearly payment of $299.

As CrossFlight becomes a regional and national workforce of UAS pilots, this helps enforce the quality, integrity, and expertise of our Pilots and our teams’ ability to serve our customers throughout the country.

The annual $299 fee pays for:

❖     Security background checks and pre-employment drug testing

❖     Marketing materials- PowerPoint briefings, pricing sheets, etc.

❖     CrossFlight training and certifications

❖     CrossFlight equipment: 2 custom embroidered shirts, Lanyard for FAA Pilot License and Business ID, Marketing materials, Invoicing support, PreFlight Checklists, Flight log binders, Hard hat with logo and Safety vest.

❖     Setup on CrossFlight website portals (Google Suite account/email address)

❖     Data storage and access to CrossFlight proprietary resources

❖    Webex/Telcon access for meetings and training

❖     Professional personalized CrossFlight business cards

❖     A professional telephone system for 24/7 business calls and messages- 1-800-912-Drones (3766) with your extension

   Benefits you receive:

✓     Joining a great team of people who are working and learning more about UAS

✓     Becoming part of a larger team of UAS pilots & professionals

✓     Increasing your ability to earn money as a Certified CrossFlight UAS Pilot

✓     Access to proprietary training and other resources- i.e. Marketing, Invoicing, Business development support, chief pilot support, FAR 107 waivers, etc.

✓     Access to CrossFlight/ UAVSIC proprietary training programs

✓     CrossFlight branded hardhat and safety vest

✓     A CrossFlight email address and gsuite account

✓     Ability to sell all advertised services and training packages and events

✓     Ability to sell professional Surveyor stamped products through our partnership with ATLAS Surveying (5 state service areas- SC, GA, FL, NC, and VA)

Commission and Sales Incentives:

Once you become a CrossFlight Certified pilot, you will be able to sell jobs under the CrossFlight name. We will help you set up sales/marketing meetings either online or in person. The commissions for sales includes a 10% of the initial gross income from the job invoice. This will come back to you for any work or training conferences that you sell with a signed commitment and funding approvals. This commission is paid out as the job is paid by the customers.

All CrossFlight pilots will split flight billable hours (estimated $250 per hour) at a 40/60 split with CrossFlight. If the pilot sells the job, they will then get a 50/50 cut of the hours flown on a job that they also sell. All invoicing will come from CrossFlight and all pilots will be independent contractors (1099). Contract 1099 pilots will supply their own drone and meet specified minimum camera quality standards (12 megapixel photo and 4K video).

We are looking forward to expanding our team with excellent team members who share our common vision and values!