Certified CrossFlight Pilot Program Fee

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Certified CrossFlight Pilot Program Fee

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Certified CrossFlight Pilot Program:

We are looking for experienced Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots who want to join a growing team of regional and national UAS subject matter experts and commercial UAS pilots.  As a Certified CrossFlight Pilot, you receive priority assignment for jobs contracted by CrossFlight. You can also build upon your current skills, while learning to effectively market commercial drone services with a great support team of professional staff behind you.  

A  few of the benefits are highlighted below:

  • You will become a part of a larger team of UAS pilots increasing your ability to earn more money as a Certified CrossFlight Pilot vs. on your own.

  • We teach pilots how to effectively market and sell UAS Services to both large and small clients with marketing materials and sales training.

  • Certified CrossFlight Pilots are 1099 consultants who are not required to be exclusive.

  • We provide exclusive access to all CrossFlight training sessions and cell tower inspection training through TALON Aerolytics, Inc.

  • All CrossFlight Pilots receive 2 CrossFlight branded custom embroidered golf shirts (Blue or White), Lanyard for Pilot License and Business ID, hard hat and safety vest.

  • We provide CrossFlight Safety Manuals & Pre-flight checklists.

  • We establish a CrossFlight email address and g-suite account with unlimited data storage.

  • We provide Webex/Telcon access for meetings and training.

  • We provide professional CrossFlight business cards with your name and cell numbers.

  • We provide a professional  extension for 24/7 business calls @ (888) 912-Drones (3766).

  • CrossFlight Pilots have access to proprietary training and other resources- i.e. Marketing, invoicing, business development support, chief pilot support, FAR 107 waivers, etc.

  • CrossFlight Pilots have the ability to sell professional surveyor-stamped products through our partnership with ATLAS Surveying (5 state service areas- SC, GA, FL, NC, and VA).

  • We provide $2 Million in professional errors and omissions  & $2Million in general liability insurance coverage.

Financial Incentives:

The CrossFlight sales staff and our support team work closely with Certified CrossFlight Pilots to set up sales/marketing meetings and develop proposals.  A 10% commission is paid for sales based on initial gross income for any contracted job and pilots are paid for billable flight hours flown.  Our goal is for each pilot to fly 10-15 billable hours per week.  For example, if a CrossFlight pilot sells a job for any services they will get a 10% commission on the total invoice.  If the pilot also performs work, they are paid for their billable hours spent performing the job.  The work required and expenses for each job varies with each customer.

Minimum Equipment Standards & Aircraft Liability Insurance Requirements:

Pilots supply their own drone capable of autonomous mapping and need to carry aircraft liability insurance for jobs. The minimum camera quality standards vary for customers (i.e 20 Megapixel photos and 4K, HD quality video). Some jobs require up to $2 million in Aircraft liability insurance. CrossFlight has negotiated inexpensive rates through the TALON Alliance. 

Next Steps:

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