Aerial Photography

Delivering high fidelity video of your home or investment or commercial property.

We provide amazing aerial photography of real estate for individuals, companies, vacation rental companies, and insurance companies. Dramatic views of your property that can only be taken with a drone or helicopter.


Construction Project Aerial Photography- Progress reporting made easy with drone photography. It easy to keep project managers and investors/owners and civil engineering companies appraised of progress.

Aerial Infrastructure Inspections

CrossFlight provides aerial drone infrastructure inspections.  Industrial inspections for, power grid, cell tower, water tower, utility tower, bridge inspections and more.  We provide a full suite of aerial UAV services that can be customized uniquely for your business.  We store your data and give you full on-demand access safely.  

We work with utility companies and other industries to develop and implement specialized aerial inspection systems for implementation into their current business processes. Tower inspections and high structures are potentially dangerous. Our aerial inspections are safe, fast, and more cost-efficient than traditional methods of heavy equipment and workforce.  Our technology solutions and expertise will positively affect your bottom line and improve safety.

Disaster Documentation

When disaster strikes, documenting the before and after effects are critical for insurance claims and documenting the extent of damage to property during hurricanes and natural disasters. Please call us to take baseline photographs of your property for your personal records and for insurance claims.

Difficult & Dangerous Inspections are now possible with Drone Technology

CrossFlight Sky Solutions can document bridges, water towers, cell towers, power stations, power lines, wind mills, and other tall structures for analysis and historical records.