Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Training

Modern Commercial Small UAS Aircraft - Visual Inspections and Aerial Imaging Projects

Modern Commercial Small UAS Aircraft - Visual Inspections and Aerial Imaging Projects

CrossFlight in partnership with UAVSIC (a service disabled veteran owned business) offers FAA FAR PART 107 remote pilot training courses for private sector, public sector, engineering firms, emergency response, academia, and corporate clients. Teaching you to become a UAS Expert and certified to fly UAS aircraft. Our instructors are FAA certified UAS remote pilots and our curriculum contains the latest FAA regulations and expert tips!



Package A: Personal UAS Flight Training for Recreational Pilots/Photographers

Our expert UAS Instructors train you in the basics of how to comply with FAA regulations and safely operate your UAS for photography and videos. This course is intended to take you from novice to expert in not only flying the aircraft, but capturing amazing aerial images. Our UAS experts and video experts will teach you everything you need to know to produce amazing drone videos and aerial photography.

Course length: 1-2 days

Course Content: Safe UAS operations, basic intro to FAR 107, hands-on flying training, basic aerial photography and video/photo editing with posting videos on social media.

Price:  $350.00 per day

Class Size: Maximum 4-5 participants per Instructor

Package B: UAS FAR 107 Pilot Certification Training for Commercial UAS Pilots

We help students to learn about airspace and UAS operations and obtaining a FAA FAR 107 UAS pilot rating.  In this course, you will learn how to comply with FAA regulations and safely operate your personal UAS for commercial purposes. These courses are intended to take you from novice to a pathway of expert in not only flying the aircraft, but safely navigating in complex airspace and applying for FAR 107 waivers.

Course length: 2 days

Course Content: UAS Operations, FAR 107 Certification and Practice tests with refresher training. This course is designed to help with passing the FAA FAR 107 certification exam. This is available for online or in person training courses with study guides and workbooks with unlimited access to online practice tests for preparing for the FAR107 FAA test and passing with an 80% or higher average.

Price:  $650.00 (Instructor led- classroom style- with WEBEX/online support)

[2] FAA FAR107 certification $150.00

Class Size: Maximum of 5-6 participants

Course length: 1 day

Course Content: This course is intended to help a person pass the FAR 107 FAA certification exam. This instructor led course with study guides and workbooks. It also includes practice tests for preparing for the FAR107 FAA test. This is available for in person with online WEBEX follow up support with unlimited access to practice tests.

Price: $299.00 (Instructor led- classroom style with WEBEX/online support).

            FAA FAR107 certification $150.00. 

Class Size: Maximum of 5-6 participants per Instructor

Package C: UAS Program Training for Commercial or Government Clients

We train your staff in how to implement a comprehensive UAS Program, including FAR 107 certifications and complying with FAA regulations. We teach your staff how to safely operate UAS for critical missions and for commercial and government purposes. Hands on training, leveraging drone based solutions in business and government.  This course is specially designed for firefighters, police departments, and other commercial operators of UAS platforms. This will help with establishing a safe UAS training program.

Course Length: 1-3 day courses

Course Content- UAS Program, UAS Safety, Recordkeeping, Training and Certification for Pilots. Teaching you how to safely implement a UAS Program in your workplace of business.

Price: $1200- $1500 per day

Class size: Up to 8 participants with 2 instructors

Package D: Novice to Expert Drone Flying- Hands of Personal Training and Instruction

Want to learn how experts operate the DJI Mavic, Phantom or Inspire? You’ve come to the right place. CrossFlight offers hands-on training for users who are looking to maximize their flight time and learn best-practice flying techniques.  

Course Content: In this training, you will learn how to plan a mission, setup your drone, configure and fly your drone safely, effectively and at your own pace. We will teach you to take high impact videos while complying with complex airspace and FAR 107 UAS operations regulations.

Rates:  Hourly rates (See below) Individual Instruction

Package E: Drone Day- Basic Drone Education and Hands On Flying

This is a 1 day seminar for students and adult groups. This is great for someone who just bought and drone or someone who wants to learn about careers flying drones. Invest in yourself before you invest in a drone or crash a drone- learn from the pros about the ins and outs of safety and issues with flying drones. This course is perfect for people who want to learn more aboutflying drones.

Course Content: Basic UAS Operations and Safety Issues- Hands-on Basic flying skills

Cost: $120.00 per participant

Class Size: Up to 10 Participants with 3 Instructors


1. Our instructors are certified to teach each course. We can customize training packages as requested. We can design a specialized course for any UAS application or program.  

2. The FAA Remote Pilot exam registration fee is $150.00 in addition to these courses. We will help students with getting enrolled at an FAA testing center. 

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