Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida and parts of Georgia this past few days. This resulted in power outages for millions of Americans and cell phone towers out of service, flooding, and massive damage to low lying areas as well as downed trees and power lines.  This resulted in lost lives and flooding of may low lying areas of Florida, Gulf coast, and South Carolina.

CrossFlight is partnered with other companies to provide experienced FAA certified drone pilots who are responding to disasters in the US.  Some of our pilots are in the disaster area working to restore power and cell phone towers to normal operations.  We provide aerial images and data for our customers to save time and money.

Drones are used for restoration of power, identifying downed power lines, inspecting property and equipment, and surveying the damaged areas from the air. Using drones we can take video images that help power line crews prioritize their work and improve safety of crews.

The key to any disaster is rapid response and recovery so people can begin to recover from the effects of a storm or natural disaster. Drones can be used to locate people who are stranded in their homes, insurance estimates of damages, video for news agencies and businesses, and insurance adjusters, and FEMA disaster relief teams.  CrossFlight's pilots are ready to respond on the ground in Florida and Georgia and South Carolina. 

Hurricane Irma Photo-  Damages in Coastal Areas and Jacksonville Florida Flooding

 15 ft. storm surge damages all along the coastal regions

15 ft. storm surge damages all along the coastal regions


Florida Keys flooding and wind damages Photo

Drone images Irma 1.jpg

The CrossFlight team has deployed FAA certified UAS pilots who are responding to the call for Hurricane Irma.  We are honored to provide safe and efficient drone operations for disaster recovery efforts. Drones are changing the way we respond to Hurricanes and natural disasters.