CrossFlight Sky Solutions successfully completed and received approval from the FAA on an FAR 107 airspace waiver in one of the busiest and strictest airspaces in the country, Washington Dulles Intl. (Class B airspace, depicted below). We are very excited about our partnership with Wetland Studies and supporting their drone division.  Below is a picture of a Wetlands Studies Engineer flying his DJI drone in Class B Airspace.  Operations in Class B Airspace are very restrictive. The FAA ensures that all FAR 107 waivers are safe and will not affect manned aircraft operations.

Washington Dulles (IAD) International Airport Class B Airspace

IAD Waiver.jpg

Wetlands Flying a mission in Dulles Airspace!

Wetlands Study Paul Scarowich.jpg

Crossflight is very excited about our partnership with Wetlands Studies in delivering drone-based solutions for their customers.