Consulting Services

Commercial applications & drone-based solutions

We work with our clients as trusted partners to develop drone solutions to complex problems. Our team of consultants can help navigate through complex FAA regulations and operations of UAS near airports and surrounding population centers. 


Government UAS Integration Expertise

Members of our team are experts in UAS Integration into NAS Operations. We can support government customers with drone-based solutions and operation of drones for military and DOD mission planning.

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Industrial Clients

From construction project monitoring and reporting to stockpile measurements and land surveys. With drones, tracking progress and reporting to clients becomes easier, quarries are measuring stockpiles in less time, for less money, and with less risk to employee safety.

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Project Planning

We work with our customers to plan projects from simple site surveys to complex aerial missions. We are available to consult on projects including incorporating drones into your operations and training of staff and engineers. 

We can help you with your UAS or Drone project needs! We have a strong bench of seasoned UAS Pilots with expertise who are ready to fly.